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weather and angie, who's filing for an extension will have the traffic in a few minutes. >> remember if you owe money send a check with that extension or you will be in bigger trouble. >> thanks, dad. >> you are welcome. >> a great looking couple of days here and them weekend is okay. not great but okay. we will talk about it. the skies have cleared. they cleared yesterday midday. and a beautiful afternoon it was. high of 64 degrees. a couple above where we should be. notice the 50s at columbus, charleston, 59. that's the air we will get in to for tomorrow. temperatures down to 37 in orange. culpeper and manassas. 39 martinsburg. cumberland 36. we are at 47. looking at temperatures in the mid-70s today. 75. while we have a chilly start it will be a delightful finish. love the way tomorrow will look as well. angie, how's the traffic. >> we have one early-morning
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tieup out of fredericksburg, virginia and looks like it has cleared. this is 95 northbound at route 17. move over to route 395 an show you the commute in to dc. as we take you to 66 lanes are wide open out of gainesville to centreville and beyond and then we are seeing drivers at speed and no fog to deal with this morning, unlike yesterday on 270 out of frederick past 121 to the spur. 95 southbound. we are dealing with construction between 198 and powder mill. we know along the way you will lose part of the right lane and northbound we have construction on the same stretch but we are hearing the lanes are open. back to andrea. a second prince georges county police officer has been suspended in connection with this beating of a university of maryland student captured on videotape last month.
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the department says its investigating two other officers in the incident. as gary reports it is expanding its investigation to include additional incidents of possible police abuse that same night. >> reporter: in a year's old unruly tradition, university of maryland students blocked route 1 after a big basketball game. police responded in riot gear and are seen in this video beating student jack mckenna, charging him with assault. when the video surfaced, prosecutors dropped the charges and the department suspended two officers. >> and we have more officers that will be suspended. we believe we have identified all of the officers seen in the tape using force. >> reporter: it's not the only incidence. >> we know there was a lot more police abuse going on that night. >> reporter: as one kid is pushed by police, justin hall n the checkered shirt watches, grabbed from behind, struck from behind and struck from behind again. >> i was turned around and was
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like what was that for and they did it a couple more times. >> reporter: he talkedded to 9 news now. >> he cop said you like to do interviews, huh, i will give you a [ bleep ] interview. the students weren't angry until the officers started to provoke them. it was more of a kick [ bleep ] attitude. >> we have received threatening and hostile phone calls across the country. >> reporter: 9 news now and other media organizations have given video to the police. >> we have forwarded the video to internal affairs division and they are reviewing it as well. >> reporter: perhaps leading to more action against more officers. the dc government has once again assumed control of the former dc general hospital. specialty hospitals of america is out as owner of the facility. just three years after taking over. the hospital, which is now
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known as united medical center was once the busiest hospital in the southeast communities. the city assumed control after they defaulted on the loan and grant agreement that kept the former dc general in business. peter nichols says the hospital is essential to the city and the city will not let it fail. last night angry teachers rallied outside of the office of michelle rhee. they accuse rhee and mayor fenty of using pumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of 250 teachers. we now know the school system has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs back. >> we want to make sure the teachers are restored with full benefits and rights, and we want to make sure they receive damages. >> i'd like to be reinstated and all of my colleagues to be
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reinstated and compensated for the time i have been out and the fact that she needs to give an official apology for the insult and slander that was dispersed on us. >> reporter: rhee said she became aware of the budget surplus in february. she said she didn't share the information because she was in negotiations with the teachers union at the time and there's "a time and place for all of this." dc council members jack evans and qualm may brown have thrown their hats in to the ring for chairman. they are vying for vincent gray's spot. last month gray entered the race for the democratic nomination for dc mayor. congress plans to revisit the dc voting rites bill. according to the "washington post" it could hit the floor of the house as early as next week. the report goes on to say it would likely include pro-gun language that bogged down the legislation before. a new book highlights pork
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barrel spending on captiol hill. citizens against government waste released its annual congressional pig book summary. the good news, the number and cost of congressional pork projects are down this year. politicians say the report is reason for the reduction. >> big book is a critical importance. it provides us with the specific and concrete examples of what is wrong with washington and what needs to be done. >> reporter: overall it was down $3.1 billion or close to 16%. the big book lists hawaii as leading the nation in pork spending dethroning alaska which had been in the top spot since 2000. in the news now a frantic search for earthquake survivors continues in western china. a series of powerful quakes rocked the mountainous region on tuesday killing hundreds and injuring thousands. local officials say 85% of the buildings have been destroyed
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including several schools. the rescue operation has been slowed down by heavily damaged roads and the rugged terrain. west virginia governor joe mansion is ordering more than 200 underground coal mines in the state to be inspected for combustion risks. congress announced plans to investigate the mining industry with the goal to be sure that mining is less dangerous. this is in the wake of the tragedy at the upper branch mine that killed 29 miners. later today president obama heads to the kennedy space center to lay out his vision for nasa. he revised the strategy which has drawn criticism from the space community because it cancelled the moon program. the president is pitching a plan for a commercial company to take over manned missions to the international space station while nasa works on developing a big heavy lift rocket to eventually carry astronauts to mars. today is the national tax
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filing deadline. 9 news now has advice for all of you last-minute filers. and the international space station could soon have a permanent resident. it is 4:38. we'll be right back.
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it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning, and jessica doyle is on assignment covering today's tax filing deadline. we have the business headlines. >> reporter: president obama turned up the heat on congress to pass an overhaul of the financial system. the president met with leaders of both parties to discuss legislation that would create greater oversight of wall street. republicans argue that making the government more involved in the financial system will lead to more taxpayer funded bailouts. the housing crisis continues for millions of americans. foreclosure filings are just 7% in the last quarter. one in every 138 homes received a foreclosure notice. investors will be watching if
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the latest unemployment figures. a triple-digit rally on wednesday. the dow climbed 103 and the nasdaq up 38. a new astronaut is just about ready for takeoff. r-2 is a robot developed by nasa and general motors to be a permanent resident at the international space station. it has human-like arms, which can manipulate tools and assist the crew. it is tax day and a good time to pick up freebies. companies are offering free coffee at starbucks to free cup cakes at cinnabon and hydro massage is offering complimentary back rubs. today is tax day. all federal income tax forms must be sent to the irs. you also need to file today in the district and maryland. but if you live in virginia you have until may to file your
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state returns. at 5:00 a.m., our resident financial reporter jesica doyle will give you last-minute tax advice. she will tell us which post offices will be open late and answer last-minute questions from you. two local jurisdictions turn to parking as a way to make much-needed money. and the latest entertainment craze comes with a medical warning from the manufacturer
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. crab lovers will love this story. the blue crab population is up by 50% over last year. virginia and maryland have taken steps to limit the harvest up to a third. maryland officials say it is too early to say whether the increased crab population means restrictions will be lifted. >> don't look for lower crab prices yet. >> don't expect that ever. but what can you expect in weather? >> we will improve upon
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yesterday's stellar afternoon. it will be a spectacular day today. tomorrow will be a good day, as well. the showers coming will hold off until late in the day if not after dark. and much cooler weekend. just be ready for that. it makes it feel warmer all the time. the next three days of the forecast first. we start with a beautiful forecast. nice and pleasant, delightful, sunny, whatever you want. 74, 75 for a high today. tomorrow will be a warm day and we will be pushing the 80- degree mark in many areas with a late shower or thunderstorm possible but really i think overnight is when the front comes through in to saturday morning. that will give us a partly cloudy and cooler saturday with a high of 64. the bus stop forecast, it is definitely chilly. temperatures in spots in the 30s to around 50 in the warm areas. sun is up at 6:32. this afternoon a sunny delightful day with highs in the mid-70s. southwest winds five to ten miles an hour. we are looking a much milder
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night tonight. most of us in the 50s thanks to the southwesterly winds up at five to ten. sunset 7:45. looking at tomorrow, sunny and warmer highs around 80. this morning we have some 30s out there. culpeper 37. and we also have 40s, upper 40s from southern maryland over to national airport as well and easton you are at 45. looking around the beltway, we have 39 gaithersburg. reston is 38. we have 39 ft. belvoir. andrews air force base and bwi are 43. and 458 arlington and reagan national 47. a slight windchill because we have wind. there could be a touch of fog in one or two spots out west. the thing we will watch, high pressure the next couple of days over the east. look at the return flow coming in from texas. moisture feeding from texas
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through the plains and the northern plains in this storm in canada. as it moves east there is a cold front back there. that will change our weather as we head to the weekend. we put our nine future cast in motion and you will see some showers will stay around us. well north and south of us over the next couple of days. we may see something populate this afternoon, eastern ohio, southwestern pennsylvania. that will fizzle once the sun gets. a couple of showers here, even midday up to pittsburgh, garrett county or parts of west virginia, we should be okay. slight chance of seeing something in northern virginia but a better chance is tomorrow night with a front. here we are on friday at 7:00, the front coming albany, back through columbus and will come through in to the time we get in to saturday morning and bring us a change in the weather maps. and it will be a much cooler time for the weekend. the seven day looks like this.
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70s today. 80s tomorrow. mid-60s only on saturday. sunday, only in the upper 50s. so nice and cool and then monday, tuesday and wednesday, low to mid-60s. could be a shower on wednesday but i think it will hold off until after that. traffic time. hello, everybody. hope you are off to a great thursday. we will look at 95 in virginia. looks like a clear commute making your way from dumfries to the capital beltway. speaking of the inner loop in virginia, we have construction sites out there holding steady. we are losing the ramp at telegraph road on the inner loop and also roadwork going on near 236, little river turnpike as well as route 50. the beltway in maryland, you are incident free on the outer loop, but inner loop construction is what we are watching near the kenilworth exit. route 4, 5 and 301, that is an accident-free zone and inbound new york avenue is how we will
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wrap it up. drivers are moving at speed. nice and quiet on this thursday from the washington times building all the way to the third street tunnel. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. major changes regarding parking are being proposed in alexandria. according to the washington examiner's, alexandria officials want to raise the cost of parking meters from $1 an hour up to $1.75. they plan to increase the number of spaces in old town, extend the hours that meters are enforced and install kiosks which accept credit cards. a similar situation in the district landed mayor fenty in hot water. he proposed raising the price of some meters to $3 an hour as a way to help to close the budget short fall. aaa is against it saying it treats drivers as atm machines. the mayor responded to the criticism by saying he may have to back off the proposal. metro riders need to
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prepare for delays on the red, blue, orange and green lines this weekend. old equipment is being replaced and trains will be doing a lot of single tracking. with baseball at nationals park and hockey at verizon center this weekend, sports fans could feel a lot of the impact. metro says delays maybe up to 40 minutes. amtrak is looking at ways to make train travel times more convenient. right now, passengers who take long-distance trips must board in the middle of the night and return at times which are just as inconvenient. one of the routes under review is the daily train that runs between washington and chicago. the push for upgrades comes as amtrak is on a record pace for ridership this year. here's good news for all of you that drive in virginia. all rest stops in the commonwealth are back open. then governor kaine closed them last july as a budget move. when he came in to office, governor mcdonnell promised to have all the rest stops open by
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today, the 15th. yesterday the governor announced the final seven rest stops had reopened. we begin the living well segment with a warning from a manufacturer. samsung, the maker of the first 3-d television issued a health warning regarding the new television. allen martin has more. >> reporter: samsung just came out with a television capable of a three-dimensional picture and already losing quite a few customers. the company is warning pregnant women, children and teenagers to avoid the feature. also on the list, anyone who is sleep deprived, has a family history of epilepsies or strokes, any of the above, 3-d tv is not for you. the big concern is technology may trigger a seizure. >> seizures can be dangerous and for pregnant women it can be harmful to the mother and
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her unborn baby. >> reporter: symptoms include -- the company also says wearing those 3-d glasses may cause headaches or fatigue. it remains to be seen whether there is any real harm or if they are protecting themselves and they repeat warnings of sitting too close to an extended period of time may damage your eyesight. >> it remains to be seen if there is any real harm from watching 3-d tv or if samsung is just protecting itself. encouraging health news out of the district. more people in the district have insurance. the number of residents without insurance in the city has gone down over the past five years by 50%. the rate of uninsured dc residents is 6.2%, the second
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longest rate in the country. >> five years ago when i started to chair the committee on health we had a rate of uninsured that was higher than maryland and virginia. and in five years they have stayed the same and we cut our rate in half. >> the district has been fighting this battle for many years. we have gone from 13 pope 5% uninsured to 6.5% uninsured. a dramatic shift and turn around. >> ward 8 hosts the lowest rate of uninsured children in the city. and massachusetts has the lowest rate of uninsured residents. a new congressional report suggests enough isn't being done to help struggling homeowners. a sign we have seen in a lot of movies is at the center of a development battle. q
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my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough
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to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. to help avoid dental problems, act daily. welcome back to 9 news now. a new poll shows president obama's approval rating has slipped to a new low after his victory on health care. the associated press poll finds 49% of people surveyed now approve of the job obama is doing. that's down from 53% last month. only 44% like how he handled health care and the economy. the government's latest effort to help homeowners facing foreclosure doesn't go far enough. a congressional oversight panel finds one in six troubled homeowners will get the help they need. the report says 6 million families are more than two months behind in their payments and 200,000 more families
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received foreclosure notices each month. the panel warns that borrowers who had their payments lowered could still lose their homes because payments are still high and many face new financial restraints. at 12:20 this morning, members of the men's "titanic" society gathered at the "titanic" memorial in southwest dc. that's the proximate time the order was given to start loading lifeboats. the it honors the men on the "titanic" that gave up their places on rescue boats so women and children could be saved. it happened the same date in 1912. this is the 32nd annual gathering honoring the anniversary of the sinking. the famous hollywood sign has been in movies, commercials and stands as the backdrop to the city of celebrities but as sandra hughs reports the tinseltown icon could be in
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trouble. >> reporter: they are just nine white letters that sit high up in the hollywood hills but they have become a symbol of fame, fortune and film making. so when developers bought land surrounding the sign and planned to build mansions that could obscure the iconic view people were worried. >> this is our landmark. this is what we are known for. people around the world come to see the sign and it would be ashame to litter the hillside with a bunch of mansions. >> they stepped in to save the sign with baked sales and trapped it with a message but wednesday was the deadline to buy the land from the developers and the group is $1.5 million short. >> like all good hollywood stories we need a last-minute plot twist. >> reporter: the sign was originally built in 1923 as a temporary advertising for a housing development called hollywoodland. it is since become the most
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prominent feature of tinseltown. starring in about a dozen movies, the site of a grand millennium celebration, who doesn't know the hollywood sign? >> we came to los angeles and to here to hollywood just to see the sign. >> reporter: the group trying to save the sign has been given a 16-day reprieve to come up with the extra money. >> will rogers said buy land, they don't make it anymore and we have to buy that land. >> reporter: it could be the ultimate happy hollywood ending. >> good morning. thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie goff will have the traffic in just a moment. right now we say good morning to howard bernstein. he has a quick look at the forecast which is warming up. >> really nice this afternoon. still chilly this morning. i suggest a jacket this morning or sweatshirt or something. we have some readings in the 30s. we will be in the

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